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 Sub-Salt has entered into a new strategic partnership with Statoil


Sub-Salt has entered into a new strategic partnership with Statoil

Lluis Guasch

Sub-Salt is already working with Hess as a strategic partner, and has now entered into an additional partnership with Statoil.

Over the next two years, a team from Statoil and Sub-Salt will work closely together to develop novel seismic processing techniques, based on Sub-Salt’s ground-breaking AWI technique, and other new technologies being developed by Sub-Salt.    Real 3-D data, of commercial importance to Statoil, will be processed by the team in a series of planned stages.   Sub-salt expects to be able to significantly improve the imaging of the data, and to further improve the algorithms deployed.   The products of this joint development will be developed into commercial products by Sub-Salt.

Tony Renton,  Sub-Salt Chairman  said:  “This collaboration agreement with Statoil is a major step and a vote of confidence for Sub-Salt. We very much look forward to demonstrating the benefits of the new technologies we are developing in the areas of better resolution, faster processing and reducing velocity modelling subjectivity and to having Statoil’s input into these important areas”