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 Sub-Salt Solutions team awarded ‘Best Paper in GEOPHYSICS’ at SEG 2014


Sub-Salt Solutions team awarded ‘Best Paper in GEOPHYSICS’ at SEG 2014

Lluis Guasch


Michael Warner, Tenice Nangoo, Adrian Umpleby, Lluis Guasch, Nikhil Shah and Joanna Morgan of Sub-Salt Solutions were honored by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists’ (SEG) with “Best Paper in GEOPHYSICS Award” for their technical paper entitled ‘Anisotropic 3D full‐waveform inversion’. The paper was co‐authored with Tenice Nangoo, Nikhil Shah, Ivan Štekl, of Imperial College London, Andrew Ratcliffe, Vetle Vinje, Caroline Win and Graham Conroy of CGG and Alexandre Bertrand of Conoco Phillips Norge.  It was previously published in Volume 78, No.2, March-April 2013 of GEOPHYSICS.

Results presented show excellent uplift in the final velocity model and RTM-migrated image, from applying Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) technology to the North Sea Tommeliten OBC survey.   The background to the FWI process was explained, together with suggested approaches to overcoming issues for application to real data, and emphasizing the great potential of the method.

Lead author Professor Warner of Sub-Salt Solutions, runs the FULLWAVE Consortium at Imperial College London, and has pioneered the development of the FWI techniques now producing these impressive results.