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XWI is the integration of the following products


Our team has extensive experience in applying Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) to 3D field datasets. In an award-winning paper published in 2013, they showed how FWI velocity models (bottom left figure) dramatically improved the migrated images compared to conventional travel-time tomography. The reflections below the gas cloud (right figure) become more continuous and focused, and the shape of the anticline structure becomes more geologically plausible (top left figure).

(slide the vertical bar to compare)

summary of the award-winning paper results


S-CUBE has developed and patented a technique called Adaptive Waveform Inversion (AWI™), which is arguably the most accurate and efficient algorithm in the world to determine the final velocity model from a highly inaccurate starting model.

AWI™enhances model resolution and accuracy which has a direct impact on image focusing and quality:

AWI and FWI results for a blind test are shown below. Slide the vertical bar in order to expose the recovered models and compare them to the initial estimate.

S-CUBE AWI™ result compared to industry-standard FWI

S-CUBE AWI™ result compared to starting model


Our inversion algorithms have the capability of generating detailed velocity models automatically and without any human interaction. Imposing Asymmetric TV (ATV) during the inversion process performs automatic salt and sediment-flooding, eliminating the high cost of manually picking top and bottom salt. Both algorithms remove human interaction bias.

Our ATV works best in combination with AWI™ as shown in the 3D examples below. Top: comparison between the target and the starting models. Bottom: comparison between standard FWI and our AWI™+ATV result.


The animations below show the iterative evolution using our ATV algorithm compared to industry-standard FWI on a synthetic dataset. The true model in the slider serves as a QC for the final result.

S-CUBE ATV inversion

industry-standard FWI inversion