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a step change in seismic imaging

The biggest risk facing oil and gas companies is the optimal placement of drilling locations in exploration and production. Key to resolving this risk is obtaining the best possible seismic image; the most important step in this process being the creation of an accurate seismic velocity model. Such a model enables making better drilling decisions and identifying subsurface resources.

S-Cube revolutionises seismic analysis by automatically deriving the most detailed velocity models in the industry. It supersedes hand velocity picking and interpretation-based tomography, considerably speeding up the process and providing a much superior velocity model and subsequent subsurface imaging. It is also a step-change from conventional Full Wave Inversion as our patented technologies do not require a prior accurate understanding of the target area.

Our technology will help geophysical  interpreters in all phases of the E&P chain from access through exploration, appraisal, development and production potentially saving hundreds of millions of dollars.



Our new Joint Industry Project initiative provides a unique opportunity for companies to access our latest technology.

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Woodside discusses S-Cube FWI technology and its application in Myanmar.

Read the SEG 2017 abstract here

Statoil and S-Cube presented the results of applying AWI to better image overburden gas clouds in the EAGE 2017 meeting.

Read the abstract here

innovative technology

S-Cube has taken a different technical approach to avoid expensive and inefficient conventional workflows

experienced team

The S-Cube team have an established reputation in the field


flexible relationships

S-Cube are open to a variety of commercial and technical relationships