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A step change in seismic imaging

exploration through to production - de-risking and optimisation

Behind any successful subsurface reconstruction of seismic reflectivity lies the computation of the seismic velocity model – a data cube estimating the compressional wavespeed parameters that govern the propagation of the seismic pulse in the rock as it passes through the earth. This interim velocity model product uses both reflected and refracted waves.

The velocity model ensures the reflectivity calculation correctly unravels the distorting effects of complex geology making the resulting reflectivity data cube a good initial representation of the sub-surface geology which is highly resolved and free of spurious or obscured features.  When sufficient resolution is attained in the velocity cube itself, it then serves as the basis for calculating the depth of all the reservoir and other rock formations allowing accurate placement of wells and estimation of hydrocarbon reserves.

All of the S-CUBE patented velocity optimisation algorithms are constructed on the basis of using the discrepancy between model-predicted and measured shot records with an automated feedback loop to iteratively update the model outcome. The unique and proprietary XWI toolbox integrates our key technologies to dervie a best-fit model for a given dataset with minimal need for human intervention.

FWI Our advanced Full Waveform Inversion is the underlying engine for our product suite
AWI Adaptive Waveform Inversion overcomes cycle-skipping without needing low frequencies
RWI Reflection Waveform Inversion extracts macro length-scale velocity from deep reflections without reflection traveltime tomography
ATV Asymmetric Total Variation constraints perform automatic salt and sediment flooding by sharpening boundaries

S-Cube came first in a blind data inversion contest at SEG. Our XWI model came closest to the true, underlying model. Several other major processing companies and top universities and also entered the competition:

Services will be offered through our trading name S-Cube – our technology is held by our company Sub-Salt Solutions Ltd.

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